4C's Corporation | English


4C's Corporation | English

Company Name 4C's Co., Ltd.
President and CEO Akira Maruyama
Capital 332,000,000 yen
Date of establishment March, 1999
Business Real estate guarantor service.
Membership of professional Institutions Country-wide Guarantee Organization
Tokyo Center for Removal of Criminal Organizations
  • 〒105-0004 4C's Shimbashi 5137 BLDG. 5-13-7, Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo Japan
  • 〒530-0001 Osaka Ekimae Daiichi BLDG 6F. 1-3-1, Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka Japan
Customer Support Center
  • 〒812-0013 4C's Hakataeki Higashi 195 BLD. 1-9-5 Hakataeki Higashi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka
  • TEL : +81-92-433-3725
  • FAX : +81-92-441-3726
  • Open Hours : 10 a.m.-5 p.m. (Except New Year holidays)
ISO Certification Certification Number ISO9001/Q1471
Privacy Policy 10861755(04)JISQ15001:2006
Web Site URL : https://www.4cs.co.jp/english/


4C's guarantee system is the service that 4C's will pay rent instead of tenants who made contract with 4C's when they cannot pay their rent.
Each country has different rules to rent a room. Today, it is general to use the guarantee system when people lease a room from a real estate agent in Japan. Most of landlords expect tenants to sign up the contract of guarantee system, and it is one of the important conditions to lease a room from real estate agents in Japan. In order to ensure untroubled living conditions for both of landlords and tenants, our guarantee system is necessary. 4C's understand that it is hard to get used to different cultures and customs, so let us support you when you try to start new life in Japan. The following inset shows you how 4C's guarantee system is concluded among landlords, tenants and 4C's.


  1. Tenants go to real estate agents to look for a room after they find a room which they like.
  2. Real estate agents ask 4C's to guarantee the room they decided.
  3. After 4C's receive the application from the real estate agent, 4C's examine tenants based on the information on the application.
  4. 4C's inform the estate agent of the examination result.
  5. Tenants sign up for the lease after they pass the examination.
  6. 4C's guarantee system among 4C's, real estate agent and tenants is concluded.

*If tenants cannot pass the examination, 4C's cannot guarantee tenants or the room. After 4C's confirm all documents which are needed to conclude the guarantee system, the contract starts. If 4C's cannot confirm them, it is possible that the contract ends in failure. Please understand some important things about 4C's guarantee system listed below. Those are highly important part to make a contract, so we would like you to read them carefully and understand them certainly.

1. Object of contract

2. About Application

3. Help desks

Please call 4C's Customer Support Center if you have questions.

4. Documents Required

*It is possible that we will require some extra paper works case by case.

5. About guarantee system and warranty scope

6. Contract Term

From the date of the beginning of lease contract till chattels and personal property are out of the room completely.

7. About guarantee charge(initial cost)

In order to use 4C's guarantee system, it is necessary to pay guarantee charge. Basically, the charge amount is equal to the monthly rent (minimum charge is 35,000 yen); however, there is a few discount service.

8. Renewal fee

The contract term is basically one year. The contract will be automatically renewed. The annual renewal fee is determined by the number of times the tenant is in arrears of rent during the year.
The basic amount※ is equal to one month's monthly rent (minimum guarantee fee is 35,000 yen).

However, the number of rent delinquencies will be reset after one year.
※Regardhing the plus plan,the basic amount is two month’s monthly rent.

9. About overdue payment

When tenants fail to pay rent, tenants will have an obligation to pay expenses listed below.